Location & Aircraft

I provide flight instruction only and will not rent an aircraft to you. However, I will answer questions if you would like more information about aircraft available locally and which may be an appropriate for your needs. I am an independent instructor with several local FBO’s and clubs, which will provide aircraft. You will rent an aircraft appropriate for your training and then will pay separately for instruction.

There is a wide flexibility in tailoring the aircraft and training that fits your needs. There is most likely a rental aircraft for your purposes available in the local area. Everything from a Cessna 150 trainer to a twin Beechcraft Baron are available locally.

Currently I am providing flight training at New Century Aircenter (KIXD) and Johnson County Executive Airport (KOJC) in Olathe. I can make alternate arrangements as needed for other locations. Alternatively,

New Century Aircenter

Airport Information

I instruct primarily out of New Century Air Service, located at 2 Aero Plaza, New Century, KS 66031. Some of their amenities include:

  • Weather briefing room with computers
  • Conference room for briefing
  • Competitive Rental Rates
  • Maintenance & Repair Services
  • $10/hr discount for block time (purchase 10 hours at a time for the discount )

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List of Rentals At New Century Air Center


Johnson County Executive Airport

Airport Information

I will also provide instruction out of Johnson County Executive Airport as needed. (KOJC) is located on 151st street between Plfumm and Quivera Rd in Olathe

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Executive has two FBO’s on field, both with rental aircraft. More information on their rental fleets are available at their websites.