Flight Reviews

Every 24 Months the FAA requires a Flight Review, once known as the Bi-Annual Flight Review (BFR). The minimum requirements are 1 hour of ground, and 1 hour of flight time. The best flight reviews are those that accomplish something desired by the pilot. If you wish to add an endorsement, and Instrument Proficiency Check, or some other kinds of focused training, it can really improve your flying skills.

I suggest one the following for consideration, if you are having trouble identifying what you may like to work on.

  • Tailwheel Endorsement
  • HP and/or Complex Endorsement
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (even if technically current), or a IFR XC trip with approaches
  • Checkout in more complex or faster aircraft that you would like to fly
  • Upset Recovery/Unusual Attitudes and Spin Training